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Database Administration
Is Your Data the Best It Can Be?
Open government and open data are the new mantras in the public sector. Governments are storing, using, and sharing vast amounts of data. Every day they depend on the data and underlying systems for critical decision making. The effort to organize and manage the data requires increasingly sophisticated tools and highly specialized skills.
We offer database administration and modeling services to address this need and help agencies attain goals of responsible data ownership and management. Our database administrators (DBA) and architects apply their experience and insight along with the latest technologies and engineering techniques to support your database requirements.
Database Administration
Our Database Administration (DBA) services focus on the physical attributes associated with data access, storage, retrieval, and security. Our certified DBAs provide you with the confidence that your data is being safeguarded and managed efficiently. We support multiple functions associated with DBA:
  • Our Systems DBAs handle the day-to-day responsibilities of databases such as configuration, maintenance, and tuning.
  • Our Development DBAs support the database needs of software development projects such as modeling, data definition, and stored procedures coding.
  • Our Application DBAs focus on integration tasks so your 3rd party applications function properly and efficiently.
Data Architecture and Data Modeling
Our Data Architecture and Data Modeling services examine how the data is being used by your business and devise architectures, models and management processes that address concerns such as data quality, redundancy, and governance. We also look at cross-system developments, such as Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), common reporting, and data warehousing (DW) initiatives to maximize the value of your data. Our services include:
  • Strategy, planning, and policy for data use, data management, data quality, and Authoritative Data Sources (ADS)
  • “As-is” and “To-be” models
  • Conceptual, Logical, and Physical data models
  • Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD)
  • Information security
  • Data integrity and business rules
  • Data normalization